Inspired at ‘Naturalist’s Notebook’

A wonderful arts and science store in Maine.

To always be thinking of the next fun project, a person occasionally needs some external stimulus and inspiration. I definitely stumbled upon that in this wonderful store in Seal Harbor, Maine. ‘Naturalist’s Notebook’ pulls inspiration from the worlds of sciences and arts, then blends them together into an amazing display of wonder for the mind and eyes.

The owners, Pamelia Markwood and Craig Neff are wonders in their own rights. She, an artist and photographer.  He, a bronze-medal winning Olympian and editor for Sports Illustrated. Together, they’ve created a feast for the imagination.

With sciences of the anatomy, nature, evolution, geology . . . you name it; brought together with art, all in one little store, was heaven for me.  Below, you see illustrations of Bernd Heinrich; naturalist, scientist and writer from Maine. His work inspired me so, I can’t wait to start a project of my own with his work in mind.

My husband fell in love with this microscope, which uses only natural light, to illuminate it’s subjects.

Our 2 little girls ran around fascinated with absolutely everything . . .

Stairs one would hope to find a way of replicating at home

Above is the room of the sun, with hand-painted floors, ceilings and walls of the sun’s flames, giving it a big sense of art’s freedom.

The milking cow.

This brain is so interesting, as it reflects the way some think we should actually be writing and brainstorming, as opposed to the lists we’ve become accustomed to. Every thought relates to another thought, taking us to the next thought.. so on and so forth.. referred to as Mind Mapping.


Above, a perfect kid-friendly project to display around the house.

Below, the ocean room.

Of course, a flying rainbow skeleton.

Then the moon room, with all sorts of wonderful features.


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