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12 Home theater Design Ideas

Owning your own home theater is the only thing better than going to the movies, a home theater in your own home will provide convenience in watching movies. watching alone or with your family. If you are just starting to think about owning your own home theater, here are twelve home theater design ideas and […]

10 Best Kitchen Paint Colors Our Favorite

Are you bored with ordinary kitchen designs? That means it’s time to rearrange your kitchen space, think about color. For example by reprinting your closet in blue and brown, or large ground with gray or green. Whatever color preferences you want to decorate your kitchen – or if you are really confused to find the […]

Reuse Plastic to Make Slug Traps

It is about that time of year when the slugs start to come out in the Pacific Northwest.  They definitely damage my vegetables. It is so sad to come out to my newly transplanted seedlings and find so much of them gone and no way to recover them. We get a little rain (annual average […]

20 Best Kids Wardrobes Ideas

When your beloved little one grows bigger, even more needs for his clothes. Because of this, a child needs a cupboard to store his favorite clothes. Providing a child’s wardrobe to our children will provide several benefits. Your child will have a special storage area to store his clothes neatly. In addition, the existence of […]