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Baskets Around the House

My addiction to baskets is evident as I go from room to room of my house.  Firstly, there is the kitchen.  I was struck with absolute glee when I realized I could store cookie sheets in a basket, rather the oven drawer.  In went a few extra large cutting boards as well. They are easy […]

Wallpaper Designs for Living Room

The living room is a guest stop at home, in addition to receiving neighboring guests and friends and even relatives will stop in the living room of your house. For this reason, the priority of arranging a living room must be higher so that it looks beautiful and comfortable. Color elements become one of the […]

15 Best Cozy Interior Design

How do you create a home that can provide comfort? The easiest and simplest way is to choose and arrange the interior that is tailored to the room in your home. Interior design is not only for the beauty of the room, but with the selection of the right interior not only in its beauty […]

Modern Living Room Ideas

Every guest who visits our home, the first time he visits is the guest room. The small living room should not be a constraint in design, you can do a number of brilliant ideas for the beauty of the living room. Modern Modern Minimalist Living Room Interior Design One design for minimalist living room decor […]