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How To Remodel a Modern Bathroom!

Everyone would want to have a beautiful and clean house. Including the bathroom room at home. The bathroom is one important part. A clean and beautiful bathroom will certainly be more comfortable to use. So, do you want to renovate it to make it look clean, beautiful and be like new again? Old Bathroom Remodeling […]

Bathroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

When it comes to decorating a house there are several rooms that have quite the impact of the bathroom or kitchen while being decorated. There is something wonderful about taking the tired old bathroom and make it appear bright and shiny again. Most people, however, cringe at the thought of the bathroom home decorating remodel […]

Natural Renewable Bamboo Bath Mat

over here’s my favorite bath mat. It won’t slip due to it has 12 rubber feet for a safe grip on the floor. It’s rounded to keep you from banging into sharp corners. The shape is pretty and enables such harmonious decor designs.? The slots allow for drainage and evaporation, which will keep your feet […]

Bamboo Fiber Compressed towels

How convenient! These 14 X 18 towels compress down to the size of a cookie. Get them damp to make them expand. They are packaged in stacks of 10 that are so easy to carry.? I’m taking a couple of these backpacking, popping one in my purse, jacket pocket, and bike basket. The antibacterial quick […]