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Image Transfer onto Wood Crates

I am so happy to have found another wonderful artist and DIY-er who believes we all have the ability to be creative and imaginative in our own homes. Ananda’s ‘Habitat at Home’ is sunny California.  Lucky her!  She is a landscape architectural designer, inspired by the nature she sees around her.  You can see her […]

DIY Chair Upholstery

Chair upholstery done in patchwork. With a little elbow grease, my first concerted attempt at chair upholstery is coming together rather well! I had huge doubts I could make this work. But I took some fabric I already had, and went in with the attitude ‘I had nothing to lose!’. I am happy as a clam […]

Children’s Room Storage Solutions

How to create children’s room storage solutions in a small space. Many old houses have these narrow, but deep closets.  They can be a big challenge. Here, we installed shelves in the back half, using canvas boxes to keep clothes contained. Each bin has a label, letting us know what’s where. We keep the colors […]

DIY Easter Bunny

What a great Easter project idea!  My wonderful friend, and fellow blogger, Kristen, from Plaid + Polka Dots has made the cutest Burlap Easter Bunny Wall Hanging. It’s easy, and one to keep for years to come. Click HERE, to see how it’s done.  Look how stylish and chic it looks on her mantel! Do you have project ideas […]