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Christmas Candy Garlands

I love candy garlands for Christmas.  It really brings to life the spirit of children, during this festive time.  Making them, is a part of the wonderful experience.  You really need to slow down and take your time with these.  So, gather the kids, put on the Christmas music, and enjoy a fun and productive […]

Valentine’s Day Candy Arrows

Ever been shot in the heart by candy? Eating up these 100 Grands is big perk to doing this project! They are so good. If you don’t have these, use what you like.  (I personally went for these in the store because they were red). Now, about how to make these beauties. 1. Start by […]

How to make a felt Christmas

Here’s a great felt project idea for the Christmas season. Christmas is a great time to get crafty and whimsical. With the arrival of our first child in 2010, the pressure was on to get into the Christmas spirit! I had just taught myself how to sew, but really wasn’t very skilled. What could I create? […]

Rock Painting Ideas For Beginners

Stone painting becomes something special. As with painting on a large canvas or a blank piece of paper to do, rock art forces you to express creative ideas that fit a certain shape and size. Painting on a rock becomes very pleasant, but sometimes the idea of painting a rock can be very difficult. We […]