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How to Make a Felt Mouse

This mouse was made as part of a larger garden project. To see that, go to this page: Supplies Felt Needle Regular Thread Embroidery Thread Cotton Balls or Stuffing 1.Cut out the felt shapes as you see above.  Two of the brown and one of the white. 2. Sew up the back of the […]

Making a Felt Toy Garden

‘Even if it’s raining and cold, you can still have a garden to ease your soul’. -JK It’s easier than you might think to make your very own indoor garden toy. Even all the felt accessories aren’t so bad.  Once you get the hang of the felt, it’s pretty simple to make whatever your imagination allows.  Especially, […]

Rainbow Ribbon Wands

A Rainbow Ribbon Wand for Your Summer Parties What a great craft idea for the summer!  This rainbow ribbon wand will be a wonderful outdoor kids activity & game for our daughters upcoming birthday party.  They are so easy to make, we can have enough for all the kids to run around with them.  I […]

Playing with Paper Mache

A few months ago, a friend and I met up for a day of shopping.  Much to my surprise, she came bearing gifts!  For no reason at all, I might add.  The best surprise ever!  It was a wonderful craft book.  It has kept me inspired with so many great things to create with my […]

How to Make a Doll House

The beauty of this doll house, is that it can be folded up and stored.  I started with 1 cardboard box, and cut it down into flat parts.  I took a large piece for the back wall of the house, and 2 smaller pieces for the side walls.  To make hinges, I hole-punched 2 holes […]

The Making of a Tutu

How to make a tutu. The Tutu is so full of fantasy for little girls. The images and music of wonderful ballets come to mind. You would think, by looking at this divine invention, it would take an expert to create, right?  Just those working behind the scenes of Broadway theaters would have the inside knowledge, […]