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What Causes Carpet Mold?

Hardwood floor becomes more popular each year, but carpet is still the most common type of flooring found in most homes across the country. Homeowners love the cushioning, color and comfort of carpet in their home. But carpet can be difficult to maintain. It needs regular vacuuming every day, it needs spot treatment for spills […]

How to Repair Scratches in Hardwood Floor

You might have observed that hardwood floors are one of the most efficient and durable choices for homeowners. However, they can handle the wear and tear better than other flooring solutions, but it is advised to take immediate action if you observe any sign of wear and tear. Generally, they suffer damage due to dog […]

How To Build Your Own Gazebo

You must have the proper building plans before you can start construction your gazebo. Experienced woodworkers often have a hard time finding accurate plans to build a gazebo because they do not understand where to start looking. Let’s look at some ways in which you can get some good gazebo plans. Your choice of plans […]

How To Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

The cost of a kitchen remodel is often very expensive. Creative homeowners will often find ways to save some of their remodel budget and complete one or two projects on their own. A good DIY project in a kitchen remodel is to refinish kitchen cabinets. The cost of new kitchen cabinets adds up fast. Even […]

The Dream Laundry Room

Every house must have prepared a special place for washing and drying. Yes, it’s because washing and drying clothes is indeed a necessity at home. But narrow house land is sometimes a fundamental problem. Determining the area to place the washing machine is quite challenging. If the placement is wrong, the house actually feels tight, […]